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 Chicago Tribune  


In-flight safety instructions airlines need to include


Even though people keep saying that statistically speaking is much safer flying than driving, it doesn’t really helps to relax while you’re in the air completely unable to control what’s happening.

What also doesn’t help is that little mimic the flight attendants do before taking off.

The first thing they do when you sit on a plane is explain you what to do in case of an emergency ignoring that the last thing I expect to be talking about when flying is plane crashes.

The mimic the cute lady does is now being replaced by short videos that are even more terrifying.

They actually feature actors showing you how a real plane crash would be.

I know is pointless ask them to remove the safety presentation but I would like to recommend some subjects they should mention to be at least more useful.


Electronic devices


If airlines want us to stop bitching about this apparently pointless rule, all they need to do is tell us why it’s a rule in the first place.

It would be as simple as changing the ‘You need to turn off all electronic devices’ on the safety video to ‘You need to turn off all electronic devices or the plane will fall from the sky and turn into a fireball’




They can maybe add a shot of an actual plane crashing.

If that doesn’t get us to stop playing Candy Crush on board, nothing will.


Reclining the seat


This one doesn’t apply to first class.

In fact, nothing ever applies to people in first class.

If you travel coach like me you need to understand the following, just because your seat is capable of reclining doesn’t mean you have to put your complete body in my lap.

Space between seats is small enough for you to lay back so sit upright or I will hate you for the rest of the flight and I probably will remember your stinky hair during my entire vacation.

Also, what benefit you see on placing your seat on reclining position if it changes the angle in about 3 inches anyway?

You are not reclining for comfort, there is not comfort in flying coach, you are reclining because you are selfish.

I suggest here airlines should start mentioning the ‘avoid reclining’ advice in their flight safety instructions.


Toilet doors


The suction power of plane’s toilets flush is something I will not discuss here because it deserves a complete article.

Besides the amount of trouble you experience inside a plane bathroom, when you are finally done, you open the door and realize that another person is waiting to enter.

The two of you must now figure out how to pass each other without one of you literally sitting on another’s lap because plane’s aisles are not designed for mobility.

If they are bringing the drinks cart down the aisle you’d have an easier time getting straight to the center of the sun and back, than getting to your seat.

Those aisles are calculated to be walked by a maximum number of people of one, preferable with a severe eating disorder.

This space situation is intensified when two people are trying to enter-exit the restroom.

If you are using the bath on the back of the plane you only have one option, the person exiting has to step back and stand in that forbidden zone where all of the flight attendants hang out while the entering person walks into the toilet.

Of course I have no idea how to do this exit-enter thing when using the bath in the wing area so we urgently need airlines to include the bathroom door instructions in their flight safety presentation.




the world must know the truth!

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Guns save lives

 The Dallas Morning News 

Guns save lives


Seems to be popular these days to declare that guns are dangerous but that is not true.

Thousands of families are being robbed and murdered every year inside their homes and that is the real danger. We all have the right to be safe.

Honest families should have the right to protect themselves from the immorality of this world.

It’s just a matter of common sense that if there is a chance to receive an aggression then every man should bear his own gun to neutralize that chance.

Humans were not created to live in fear. Also we were not created to suffer so if we feel some kind of pain that same gun would help us to end it.


All those lefties who have never being attacked or robbed because they don’t even have anything worth to steal are the ones deciding what is best for us and that is clearly wrong.

Why should some French mannered politician tell you if you can or cannot own guns, why would they tell you if you can or cannot defend yourself?




If you don’t want to defend yourself you can choose that but if you are smart enough to want to protect yourself no one should tell you if you can or cannot do it.

Picture the following scenario; one of those poor drug addicts’ maniacs broke in the peace of your perfect home and you don’t have a gun because some effeminate understood that that would be beneficiary for you, would you be safe? I don’t think so.

Guns empower good people to protect themselves and their families.

How many Nazis could the Jews have taken out if they weren’t defenseless? Guns are our protection against the evil in the world.




If literally everyone had a gun criminals would almost certainly think more than twice about break into a home trying to steal, rape or murder.

Statistics shows that 98% of robbers say they wouldn’t go into a home if they knew someone in there was armed and that speaks for itself.

Guns save more lives than they take and prevent more injuries than they inflict

Guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense and 200.000 women use a gun every year to defend themselves against sexual abuse.


the world must know the truth!