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Sports we want to add to the Olympics

Most of us just watch the Olympics to root for our country not because we enjoy it.

There are plenty of sports that could be added to the games to spice them up.


Canal jumping


Even against my personal interest, I have to admit that watching pole vault is not exiting.

Of course you have to be an amazing athlete like me to do it, but is not entertaining.

What it is really enjoyable is canal jumping.

They have a pole planted in a canal and the contestants run up to the pole and climb up it as fast as they can while it tips to the other side.




Competitors has to jump off the pole at the last second and try to get as far as he can and whoever gets the farthest is the winner.


Horse vaulting


Gymnastics is fine but the sport that would really make us watch the Olympics is equestrian vaulting.

The only way to make gymnastics amazing is to put the athletes on speeding horses and have them do their routine on top of it.

And yes, this is already a sport.


Sepak takraw


We can take one of the boring sports like volleyball out, and add Sepak takraw to the Olympics.

Sepak takraw has the same rules as volleyball but is a flying spin version.

There is nothing funnier than spinning in the air to kick a tiny ball no bigger than a hacky sack into the opposing team’s court.

There are three people on each team because you need extra room to go flying across the court to dropkick the ball without accidentally kicking a teammate’s head off his shoulders.

It’s like break dancing in the air.

It’s the kind of sport they would play in the Matrix.




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