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How to stop being an idiot


There is a reason why clichés exist and most of them have to do with humans being an unimaginative specie.

Another reason for them to exist is that we constantly seek comfort and we think that repeating those popular phrases will create the illusion of intelligence.

It is up to you keep being an idiot or start being a person who speaks what creates inside his mind.


The exception that proves the rule


The exception that proves the rule is a Disneylandian jump into twisted logic.



Claiming that something that breaks a pattern merely reveals the existence of a pattern is not only untrue, it’s also crazily illogic.

If something doesn’t follow the rule is exactly the opposite of proving the existence of that rule.

Whatever that is breaking the pattern is actually a proof that there is no such a rule.


Too long. Didn’t read


There are lots of internet cliché like ‘Fail’ or ‘Dafuq’ for example but the most overused by idiots is TLDR.

This one it actually do fail in its own execution.

Even in situations where the term is appropriate because yes, some things are too long, in order for you to figure that out, you have to read it.

Only then you can say whether the presentation lasted longer than the idea.

Too long wish I didn’t read TLWIDR would make much sense.

Before you all smart internet commenting explain it to me, yes, I know you can look at some text and decide not to read it because is long.

But the trollish use of TLDR means that something is not worth reading.


Everything happens for a reason


This one wouldn’t bethat retarded if they take it literally.

But no, they believe they are part of some mystic unseen hand that controls the universe in their own favor.

Yeah sure, you are fat, ugly and bald because God has better plan for you.

This formula insists that happy endings always exist.

You see, they would never find how amazing your blood color is if that guy wouldn’t shoot you in the abdomen.

Or if there is no happy ending then your suffering benefits another people like

Aw don’t be sad that you were fired from your dream job, think about the great opportunity you gave to that woman that is now taking your place.

I agree that not every suffering is pointless or that nothing good can ever come out of a bad situation but the arrogance that comes from the belief that tragic events are always justified as part of a larger plan is just intolerable for me.


Good always win


Do I have to explain this one?

I guess yes because people keep saying this all the time.

There are a lot of good people that have a great life and are winners in life but being a winner itself is not the test of greatness.

Let me give you an example.

In 1969 the Beatles release Abbey Road.

During that year you also had Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin on the peak of their careers.

Do you know what the number 1 song of 1969 was? Sugar Sugar by The Archies.

Good always win?

Maybe that one was the exception that proves the rule.




the world must know the truth!



Being young sucks


We tend to remember our teen years as wonderful but that’s because out memory fails.

Teen and young years are the ones you spend being suicidal and depressive.

Being adult means happiness and knowledge.

As you grow up you realize life is amazing and you are capable of attain any objective.

Mind and body of young people are not yet ready to enjoy life and that’s why their lives are hell.


Young people brains are not developed


If you are not yet an adult, your brain is undergoing horribly awkward changes.

During teenage years, every little calculation the brain makes is wrong.

All the stupid behavior you perform while you are young is not your fault.

Teenage brain is built in such a way that impressing other people is more or less the prime imperative.


Simple tasks are stressful for young people


There is a reason why young people are so whiny about little insignificant problems and is because for them it actually feels like gigantically stressful.





This is another symptom of the not yet formed brain I mentioned above.

The part of the human brain that makes you stop and reconsider doing stupid things is the prefrontal cortex.

It regulates decision making and helps control impulses.

If you put a teenager under a brain scan, his prefrontal cortex activity is almost shut down and with it, his ability to calculate risk.


Young people can’t process multi step instructions


Have you ever bought a cup of coffee and the boy serving you seems like suffering and ACV trying to remember both the size and the flavor you ordered?

A recent study from the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan shows that teenagers’ brains don’t yet have the part that handles multi-tasking.

The part of the brain that figures out what to do when you get a variety of information at once and how to sort through it all it doesn’t develop until after you’re adult.


Young people are stupid


When we were young technology’s limitations required us to fill in the blanks thus strengthen our imagination.

Today with video games so ridiculously realistic kids sit drooling in front of the screen and their minds get numbed from lack of use.

Technology makes kids dumber.

Text and instant messaging are making kids write ‘ur’ instead of ‘your’ and lot of other retarded truncations that every time you received an email you wonder if you’re looking at the successor to Esperanto.





the world must know the truth!

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Vogue Magazine 

You shouldn’t be proud of yourself

These days we find people that feel a weird sense of superiority based on listening to some music band or following some underground comedian.

If you are proud of yourself for one of the following reasons, please stop.  


Not liking popular stuff

Some people think proclaiming that Justin Bieber sucks is the most daring opinion they can have.

There’s no reason to be proud for not liking popular things, whether they are great or not.

Except in China and North Korea, everything popular has criticism and lot of people doesn’t like it so your opinion doesn’t put you in an elite but in the majority.

Is not that you should feel bad about hating Katy Perry or Facebook, those are valid opinions but there’s just no reason to be proud of them.  


Being cynical  

It’s very immature thinking that you are an advanced observant person because you see the negative side of everything.

Someone who sees the negative side of life is destructive, not cool.    



Observant, smart people find out more about everything in life, both good and bad, because life is complex.

People pride themselves on being cynical because they think it makes them smart and sharp but being skeptical leads to lack of trust and that makes you hateful.  


Not being surprised  

Some people feel a sense of superiority by not getting shocked when visualizing a violent video or a very sad scene in a movie.

If you watch a kid being beaten with the same attitude you eat breakfast every morning, probably you are not a wonderful person but a selfish self-centered one.  


Offending people  

Sometimes people get offended because what you write hit a nerve or because you say something difficult to hear but important.

It is not hard to offend people, it doesn’t take any skill.

If you say something truthful and important, be proud of that, you should be proud of doing the right thing and not of how many people it upsets.  


Being part of a group  

This one is hard to understand.

Why in a million years going along with peers is something to be proud of.

There is no logical reason for an individual to have a superior attitude just by walking surrounded of friends.

We all do that, everyone around you does that, it’s not a particularly outstanding virtue to brag about, is just normal.

Sometimes doing the right thing is doing what the majority is doing.

I’m not saying that these points are bad things at all but you clearly do not deserve a medal for them.

If you really want to feel proud of yourself go out and help people out.    



the world must know the truth!