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Of course Batman is better than Superman

I can’t believe there are people still arguing about Batman versus Superman.

The debate always devolves to the playground level of who would win in a fight and this ultimate showdown proves that Batman is the better character.

Because he would lose.

Supporting Superman because he’d win is like supporting a nuclear missile against your cell phone because it would beat your phone.

Yes, of course it would, but which one is more interesting?

Which one would you rather spend time with?


Batman stories are way interesting


Superman is the original comic book superhero as we now understand the term and like many 80 year old men, he repeats his stories too often.

Not killing people is an important part of Superman’s character, but there’s a huge gap between a moral code against murder and letting idiots who can afford fancy dress waste four months of everyone’s lives.

Batman’s insistence on the same code is much impressive because he’s actually risking himself for it.





Batman’s everyday confrontations are still interesting.

You know he’s going to win, but he always has multiple methods, none of which are just be immune at them until they die of old age.

He can turn one criminal with a gun into one of the coolest takedowns of all time.

This is why Batman has brilliant video games and Superman doesn’t.

Batman is far superior to his enemies, but will still be shot to death the second he screws up and that’s what makes victory fun.

Superman games are all annoying because he has to be ridiculously weakened, because challenge is impossible when you’re a walking God Mode.


Batman is himself


That title might sound odd when you’re talking about a man with a secret identity dressed up as a giant latex rodent but Batman has never been exposed to anti vengeance.

Batman writers don’t have to fight their own main character to write a story.

Superman has been affected by more chemicals and forces than hydrogen.

Magic, hypnosis, an entire anti rainbow of Kryptonite that made him suck and whenever things get too troublesome they just block out the sun.

One of the worst examples was Aliens vs. Superman.


Batman is smarter


Superman is meant to be super intelligent but his solution to every problem is either charging straight at it with his fists up or throwing things.

That’s why his most famous villain is mastermind Lex Luthor: Someone has to do interesting things to keep the story moving.

Batman is the master detective; with him we’re actually following the trail instead of playing Kryptonian hide and seek.

You know they’re both going to save the day, but with Batman, you still get to wonder how.

With Superman, you just flip a coin as to whether he’ll end the movie by punching or lifting.




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