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Jobs nobody wants to do

Not everyone is gifted enough to work writing funny articles on the internet.

Most of you have to do real jobs to pay bills and buy stuff.

And that’s fine because that’s how economy works but there are some jobs that are so awful that nobody tolerates.


Stacking shelves


If you ever get up before noon and have some time to spend, go to a grocery store and you will be very surprised.

When you go to a store after it’s just opened you discover how everything is supposed to be.

That’s because stores have stock clerks working all night to make it look like it’s a brand new store every morning.

For a solid eight hours at night, a team of unfortunate beings are putting new stock on shelves and turning all the old stock around and lining it up so everything looks brand new the next day.

Every day.

Every night.

By the time normal people go shopping, the store looks like hell again anyway, so it’s absolutely irrelevant that someone spent all night arranging the shelves.


Technical support


I’ve work very close to technical support for a couple of years and realized their job is horrible.

Judging from the last times I have to call tech support I’m guessing is not getting any better.

I had to call my cellphone company from two different countries during the last year and the tech support available in one entire country was not able to assist me because my phone was purchased in another one.



From my perspective the main problem with this job is that is more necessary that it should.

I mean, your stuff should work.

Everything breaks down eventually and there are glitches here and there, but don’t tell me stuff isn’t just made in a much more lazy fashion with cheaper parts these days so there is no way for you not to end up calling support.




Dish washing is like the employment equalizer.

I’ve been in the kitchen of many restaurants and noticed that all dishwashers were always sad people.

Why is washing dishes so terrible?

To start, it’s a job you do at home and job you also do at home is going to breed a tiny bit of resentment.

It’s like you can’t get away from it, you wash dishes for six hours, then come home and keep washing your own plates.

The big deal with washing dishes is that on the employment totem pole, it’s as respected as janitor and garbage man.

No one really ever cares about a dishwasher.

It’s a job your employer expects even a chimp could do.

Dishwasher is one of the most humiliating tasks we have for a human being.

When you wash someone’s dirty plate it’s all the bits of food and sauce and sludge this person wasted, it’s like the universe feces you are cleaning out.




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