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Time doesn’t exist


There are some things we know are endless in life like the sun will always rise, everything has a solution and time inevitably walks forward.

Except that the sun doesn’t actually rise, solutions are disappearing and time… well… time doesn’t exist.


We don’t live in the present


What you think of as the present is actually the past.

Life isn’t a live feed, it’s a broadcast that your brain is constantly editing and censoring for your convenience.

The delay is 80 milliseconds between you and your brain.

If you want to prove it touch your nose and your toe at the same time.

Of course you should feel your nose first because it’s right there in your face and the sensory signal doesn’t have to travel too long before reaching the brain.

Yet you feel both things at the same time and that’s because your brain synchronizes the sensory information that it gets from your body in a way that will make sense to you.

To do that it needs to push your consciousness slightly into the past like a radio station that’s always on a five second delay in case somebody makes a mistake on air.


Time dilation


Time runs faster in higher places, people who live in higher places age slightly faster than people at the ground level.

Time dilation happens because gravity warps time as well as space.

The closer you are to the ground the more you are affected by the Earth’s gravity and the slower time moves.

On the other hand, as you get higher gravity’s pull weakens and time speeds up.


The faster you go the slower time moves


If you’re going the speed of light, time pretty much stops.

But you don’t need a spaceship to slow down time, using a precise atomic clock, scientists have proven that the same thing happens to you every day on a smaller scale.

Making one of the clocks move at only 36 kilometers per hour caused it to slow down its tick by almost 6 x 10.

In numbers you can understand: that’s not a lot but is something.

For example if you are driving at 50 mph time is moving 0.00000000002% slower than it would if you were standing still.

You don’t feel time slowing down or speeding up, only someone outside your conditions can tell the difference.


Time doesn’t go at the same speed for everyone


Different people can witness the same events happening at different speeds.

Events that appear simultaneous to a person in motion may not look simultaneous to someone who is standing still because brain time is relative.

Time is constantly in flux for everyone.


Time will die


Time waits for no man so we know time will still be going on after we die.

But not too long.

Time isn’t infinite.

In four out of five possible calculated scenarios, time is most likely to end in about 3 to 7 billion years.

In the fifth scenario, time could end before you finish this article.

So please, wear nice clothes every day, you don’t want to take the risk of being immortalized wearing crocs, do you?




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