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Top 10 richest NFL players of 2014

Based on 2014 contracts we’ve made the list of the top 10 highest earning NFL players.



10. Mario Williams – Salary $16,000,ooo



Mario Williams



9. Larry Fitzgerald – Salary $16,062,5oo






8. Tony Romo – Salary $17,071,428






7. Jay Cutler – Salary $18,100,ooo






6. Aaron Rodgers – Salary $18,678,571





5. Calvin Johnson – Salary $18,812,5oo







4. Matt Ryan – Salary $18,958,333





3. Peyton Manning – Salary $19,200,ooo


Eagles Broncos Football


2. Drew Brees – Salary $20,000,ooo


Drew Brees



1. Joe Flacco – Salary $20,100,ooo











Top 10 richest golfers of 2014

Based on last season’s salaries this list looks at the top 10 highest earning golf players.

Unfortunately for the guys who are still searching for their first major title, there simply aren’t enough to go around.

So some of them, if not all of them, will end up disappointed for guys like Westwood and especially Jimenez, the clock really is ticking.

As we have seen though in the last few years of major championships, if Tiger is not playing his best, anyone can win.


10. Jordan Spieth – Salary $491,000


Jordan Spieth


9. Graham DeLaet – Salary $713,000



8. Billy Horschel – Salary $1,700,000


Zurich Classic of New Orleans - Final Round

7. Thorbjørn Olesen – Salary $1,750,000



6. David Lingmerth – Salary $2,080,000



5. Lee Westwood – Salary $2,250,000




4. Ian Poulter – Salary $2,834,000



3. Henrik Stenson – Salary $3,500,000




2. Sergio Garcia – Salary $3,879,000



1. Miguel Angel Jimenez – Salary $6,400,000






Top 10 richest basketball players of 2014


Based on this season’s salaries this list looks at the top 10 highest earning players in this year’s NBA.

Though young players have begun to emerge, this list will show that old faces are still dominating the league, and commanding the highest salaries.


10. Blake Griffin – Salary $16,441,500




9. Kevin Durant – Salary $17,832,627




8. Chris Paul – Salary $18,668,431



7. Dwyane Wade – Salary $18,673,000




6. Lebron James – Salary $19,067,500




5. Chris Bosh – Salary $19,067,500


Miami Heat Media Day



4. Dwight Howard – Salary $20,513,178




3. Carmelo Anthony – Salary $21,388,953




2. Joe Johnson – Salary $21,466,718




1. Dirk Nowitzki – Salary $22,721,381


Dallas Mavericks v Portland Trail Blazers



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Top Apps for iPhone



Tweetbot has long been a favorite among iOS users when it comes to Twitter clients and for good reason; it’s feature packed to the brim and has always had a user interface to die for.
Tweetbot 3 may be an all new purchase but it’s a completely new app that’s just as refined and feature packed as the last version.

Fantastical 2

Not only is Fantastical 2 one of the best calendar apps for iOS, it’s one of the most beautiful too.
The first version of Fantastical fit with the look and feel of iOS well enough but Fantastical 2 takes it to a whole new level.
Not only that, it combines Calendars and Reminders for the first time ever.



Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro by Contrast is the app to have if you want easy access and shortcuts to all your stuff in less than two taps.
With customizable menus and actions, your iPhone is yours to command.
With flattened menus, a new icon, and updated graphics, there’s a lot to like.


Mileage Log

Mileage Log+ which is also by Contrast apps is a gorgeous mileage tracker made specifically for iOS 7.
Those that have used Trip Cubby should be familiar with many of the features as it’s pretty much an update to it.
Additional features now include automatic route estimation, gorgeous maps, color coding, and more.


Foursquare is everyone’s favorite check-in service and it’s already been updated with support for iOS 7.
From the menu bars to the updated keyboard stylings, Foursquare has decked out the existing interface with elements that make it flow much better with iOS 7.
Even the icon’s received an overhaul as well.




Reeder 2

When Google Reader bit the dust, the original Reeder app did little but update to add support for Feedly.
With a completely new icon, interface, font set, and more, it’s a gorgeous update that nails what apps running on iOS 7 should look like. If you need an app to access RSS feeds from, Reeder is one of the best around.


Rdio hasn’t technically been updated for iOS 7 but it still looks great.
It’s actually been one of my favorite apps when it comes to design for a long time now.
Everything from the transparency of the menus to how the entire interface just flows so great together.

TeeVee 2

TeeVee 2 is an amazing little app that tells you in just a quick glance when your favorite shows are on.
You can view episode summaries, descriptions of different shows, and even receive alerts for upcoming shows if you choose.