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Top 2014 luxury cars


Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The C-Class has gone in for a thorough interior makeover in the past years, receiving a fresh dashboard look with up to date technology.

The old base V6 engine has been ditched in favor of a turbocharged 1.8 liter 4 cylinder that gets 31 miles per gallon on the highway.

Plus, the C-Class is offered as a sleek coupe as well as a sedan.


Cadillac ATS

The rear wheel drive ATS sport sedan is only entry level in its compact size.


2013 Cadillac ATS



ATS stands out for its impressive interior quality, exceptionally sharp styling and cutting edge CUE system, which turns the center stack into a touch based infotainment center.

Whether you choose the sensible 2.5-liter 4-cylinder, the strong and fuel-efficient turbo 4-cylinder or the burly 3.6-liter V6, the ATS will deliver a comprehensive luxury experience.


Lincoln MKZ

Lincoln has gone to great lengths to improve its products over the past few years and the Fusion-based MKZ is a case in point.

The MKZ starts with Ford’s EcoBoost turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder, a sprightly 240-hp motor that’s only offered on top-of-the-line Fusion models, while the exclusive 3.7-liter V6 option packs a healthy 300 hp.

The turbo returns 33 mpg on the highway, too.

If that’s not enough, the Hybrid model borrows the Fusion Hybrid’s fuel-sipping 4-cylinder powertrain for an incredible 45 mpg.


Lexus IS

All new for 2014, the nimble rear wheel drive based IS clearly isn’t a wallflower anymore.

Sleek and muscular, the IS was definitely designed to turn heads, particularly with the F Sport model’s unique wheels and grille.
Fortunately, those sporty looks are matched by the way the IS drives.
The sublime front bucket seats make you feel like you’re driving a sports car, and if you go for the IS 350 with its 306-hp V6, you’ll have the acceleration to match.


 BMW 3 Series

The 3 Series seems to have matured with its latest design.

Formerly focused on snug dimensions and taut performance, the 3 Series is larger and more accommodating now.

Like the IS, it can carry four adults in comfort, and the cabin is airier and more upscale but the 3 Series hasn’t lost the plot in the engine room, as even the mainstream 328i comes with an excellent turbocharged 4 cylinder rated at 240 hp and 33 mpg.

The 3 Series also offers a rare wagon variant, and keep an eye out for the even more affordable 2014 320i sedan with 180 hp, as well as the desirable 328d turbodiesel sedan and wagon.





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 USA Today    


 Top funniest events in the past 12 months


Below we present a collection of the funniest things that happened between January 2013 and January 2014.

Just relax, scroll down and enjoy the memories.


Jimmy Fallon transformed into Walter White


Alyssa Milano Sex Tape


Donald Trump sue over a monkey


Colbert Daft Punk dance routine


Tina and Amy Golden Globes monologue



Michael Bay’s Samsung press conference



Scariest prank ever


And a wise woman reminded us that…





the world must know the truth!


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  Game Informer

Best online game sites


Crazy Monkey Games


On Crazy Monkey Games most games are equipped with short guides as well as tips and tricks for navigating some of the more frustrating portions of your favorite titles.
The newsletter, another aspect that differentiates the site from its online peers, is a great way for users to stay up to date on the latest games, contests and general news coming out of CMG.



Yahoo Games


A good deal of the titles will require you to sign in with your Google account or sign up for a free Yahoo account, specifically ones with any multi player functionality.

There is a plethora of games pulled from other sites that require absolutely nothing in the way of commitment or allegiance to any corporation.






This free site is burgeoning with a vast wealth of diverse games including shooters, role-playing, puzzle, action and online multiplayer.

I recommend signing up for at least a free account so you can save your badges, points and games as well as participate in the leaderboards and the helpful community forums.


Addicting Games


This website has the most extensive category list of any of the sites on our roundup, incorporating categories for girls and cute shooters but it’s also the most childish given the site is owned and operated by Nickelodeon.





Armor Games


This is a wonderful site for appeasing the gaming nerd inside all of us.
Instead of games like Hob the Hobbit and Orc Slayer, Armor games now showcases a deep, ever-expanding catalog of some of the Web’s most renowned online games as well as some up-and-coming alternatives.


Finally I’ll recommend an excellent game: Zuma Deluxe!









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Travel Weekly


Top Vacation Spots



Paris, France

Like all great cities, you can spend months in Paris and barely scratch the surface of the city’s cultural treasures.

It has museums galore, stellar shopping and busy cafés perfect for people watching.


New York, New York

New York is true to its roots and remains a city of immigrants with inspiring architecture and a thriving arts scene.

Take in a show on Broadway, shop in SoHo, spend a lazy day in Central Park and explore the city’s diverse neighborhoods.


Rome, Italy

The Eternal City Rome celebrates its long history with monuments, churches and restored ruins that offer a glimpse into life during the days of the great Roman Empire.

Celebrate the city’s roots and immerse yourself in the culture over a heaping bowl of pasta and a taste of gelato.




Cancun, Mexico

Miles of beaches, endless luxury accommodations and a nonstop party atmosphere in Cancun have transformed this once sleepy village on the Yucatan coast into one of Mexico’s most popular tourist attractions, particularly during spring break.


London, England

London is a cosmopolitan city with a unique blend of historic traditions and a hip, modern culture.

You can enjoy tea and crumpets and celebrate the city’s royal roots before heading out to a slick gastro pub for gourmet dinner and drinks.




Miami, Florida

The American Riviera, Hollywood of the East, SoBe, or the Art Deco District whatever you call it, Miami’s South Beach is hot year round.

The embodiment of excess, you can enjoy an international experience of glamour and luxury style.

Orlando, Florida

There’s fun around every corner in Orlando with wild roller coasters, twisting waterslides and theme-park fun.

Mickey Mouse certainly plays a starring role in the festivities, but there’s plenty of magic beyond the realm of Disney.

San Francisco, California

Bring a hearty appetite and good walking shoes to the City by the Bay.

For a quintessential San Francisco experience, climb aboard a cable car, peruse the farm-fresh goods at the Ferry Market, stroll through Golden Gate Park and board a ferry to the island of Alcatraz for a dose of history and great city views.








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Top 10 cheating professions

The Herald Sun

Top 10 cheating professions

Even though who already has inside his heart the seed of infidelity no matter what their profession is, we can say that some of them tend to lead to an unfaithful behavior.


This is the top ten.


10 – Taxi drivers or professional drivers. The daily contact with the customers and the trust put on the one that every day takes you home safely allows a very intimate relationship.taxi

9 – Leisure workers. Tour guides and hotel employees spend many days away from home in paradisiac places interacting with people willing to enjoy and experience the best out of their vacation time.

8 – Bartenders. Every night surrounded by alcohol and party celebrations where customers always try to made a good impression. It’s hard not to please them and fulfill their requests for understanding and love.

7 – Teachers. Not only students have fantasies with them, also some parents looking up for a safe image of care and protection.

6 – Pilots and flight attendants. Is probably one of the jobs where people travel more and spend more time far away from home. Many hours of work lead to a state of nerves and tension and not having adequate interaction with your partner might predispose to find love with the ones you have by your side at work.


5 – Psychologists. Due to the high amount of privacy needed to obtain results with the patient they obtain an enormous closeness and dependency that awaken feelings of love and affection.

4 – Executives, clerks, lawyers and professionals spend more hours at the office than home. It is likely that that contact wake up feelings that goes beyond the merely job relationship.

3 – Journalists, cameramen, producers and broadcasters continuously travel and surrounded themselves with beautiful people willing to do anything to reach fame. Working in this frivolous atmosphere does not cooperate to maintain a faithful behavior.

2 – Famous Stars. To singers, models, actors and even soccer players the fame makes them an easy target for young people to admire and follow as fans.

1. Health workers. Physicians of all specialties and nurses spend entire days and nights at the hospital without going home. Long work schedules and so many free hours added to the close contact with death that makes them see life differently conspire against fidelity and honest relationships.


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Rolling Stone Brasil

1-      Janis Joplin voice was tainted by her substance abuse while Selena’s voice is clear and refreshing.

2-      Janice Joplin appearance was insulting. Nobody that faces an audience dressed like her deserves to be called an artist. Selena is always on perfect shape and wears pretty clothes.





3-      Selena has so much many fans than Janis Joplin and that is of paramount importance to measure success


janis se


4-      Janice Joplin personal life was tragic. Selena instead has a happy healthy life and that is so very appreciated by fans and positively inspiring


5-      Selena Gomez songs effuse joy and celebration while Janis Joplin music is sad and depressing.

only listen:



6-      Selena Gomez knows how to dance and has an acting career so she can offer a complete show during her tours while Janis Joplin was not even able to perform without being high on drugs or drunk.




the world must know the truth!