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Why is The Bachelor a better show than The Simpsons


Finding someone perfect for you, someone you can trust, someone who never complains about anything, someone who makes you laugh and loves you unconditionally is the primary need that every person has, especially if you are a woman.


Nobody can reach happiness by himself because joy is found only when you find honest love in another person and you became life partners.


And that is exactly what The Bachelor is all about, people who find true love and couples that emerge from a reality TV romance.


The bachelor display what every women daily life is about. The most vital thing if you are a woman is of course to be cute, quiet and obedient. It is also of paramount importance to learn how to cultivate the power of seduction.


From a young age woman need to practice seduction so they can succeed in their only life objective which is to find a husband.


Men have other talents; men are intelligent, strong, creative, and executive; all those characteristics equals with the one that woman has: being pretty.


Women are inherently pettier than men and that’s more than enough because who need to develop intellectual resources, physical strength, creative ideas or decision making skills while being beautiful?


The Bachelor is pure brilliant television that everyone should be watching to learn how to live a life of excellence.


Differing with this educational TV show, The Simpsons features a troubled image of women. In one episode there were some woman in swimsuits and other  inappropriate clothing. Even if there was no nudity, that scene was clearly incorret since women should be dressed conservatively and obey the wishes of their husbands.


The show is full of bitter and resentful individuals who remember the past old days when life was better.


The Simpsons basically let our culture down by allowing our American heritage to be degraded and destroyed by some yellowish cartoon.



Being a woman on her own and be able to participate on The Bachelor is the most rewarding experience that someone can ever dream of.


This show gives the opportunity to every beautiful woman to show the world what happens in real life and what is the main reason why they get up in the morning every day: to seduce a man.


The show also provided a realistic idea of what life is for males.


Every weekend males find themselves in clubs full of beautiful girls to choose from and is a good thing that they can learn how to make that decision wisely by watching a TV show.


The bachelor is an ode to the right things like heterosexuality, external beauty marriage and family.


The show also portrait the most profound family values. What kind of father, mother, brother, sister, or close friend doesn’t want to see his young lady dating a man while he’s also dating other 25 women?


And what makes it more appropriate, who doesn’t want to see that on national TV?


It’s clearly a dream come true.


the world must know the truth!

Why is The Bachelor a better show than The Simpsons
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Why is The Bachelor a better show than The Simpsons
Why is The Bachelor a better show than The Simpsons. While one show is based on violence and hate the other one promotes love and affection.


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